The Witcher Original English Script Update

The Witcher's conversion to the original, expanded English script is getting some updates. A nasty flaw that was breaking journal entries has been fixed.
So, I've decided to make your lives easier! I found a way to get both the uncut dialogues AND english journal entries. You'll also get rid of the '[dev]' tags before each dialogue. All of this in a neat, easy-to-install package!

Download my fix here.

Extract into your Witcher's Data folder. Make sure everything's in its default state.

In your Witcher's Data folder you'll find three files of particular interest:

English (original).reg - Double-click and select 'Yes' to load the original, uncut subtitles into the game. Journal entries are in english!
FinalEnglish (optimized).reg - Double-click and select 'Yes' to load the original, optimized subtitles into the game. This one's dialogues and entries are slightly different to the ones above - test both and choose the one more to your liking.
FinalEnglish_Short (default).reg - Double-click and select 'Yes' to load the default, cut dialogues (just in case you want to go back...but don't know why you would Razz ).