The Witcher Review

Games32 opines on the Witcher and they very impressed by this most awaited and much-needed innovative RPG, giving it an 8.2.
I need alcohool

Another major part of the game is Alchemy. The player can mix different plants or oils to create bombs, special oils applied on the sword for increased damage against monsters, rejuvenation potions, health or endurance potions and more. All potions require use of alcohol to create: wine, beer, liquor. pick one. In the end, the same mutagens that give him special abilities like (cat reflexes) are the ones who deny him a normal life as he will be forever a witcher, a person who people will fear and dislike. Geralt will learn a lot about monsters, plants, potions, women. everything around him. All these are key factors in the game: knowing the surroundings, the enemies and their weaknesses.

Beside the usual rewards for completing quests, money, items or fame. most of women will offer.. herselves. Yes, you heard right. Our boy Geralt, being a witcher and having that animal instinct within, is the ladies man when it comes to physical attraction and as a bonus we get "sexy" cards with the lovely ladies in distress. Check out some of them but . shhh don't tell anyone ;)
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