The Witcher Review

Fragland is impressed by The Witcher, though they seem to think it's healthy competition for Overlord and Diablo-style titles. Overall, they give it an 87.1%.
Some time ago it all sounded like (Overlord is one of the best Action-RPG's ever). Well, it seems like the lord of darkness has met his match! The Witcher, a game by Polish developer CDProjekt, is some kind of mix between Diablo and a bunch of new RPG elements. One of the major improvements is the fact that choices you make through the game can affect the storyline! However, this isn't the only aspect which makes this title a real '˜must-have' for about every gamer!

You are Geralt, a witcher with a serious reputation who was killed during the big war between good and evil, but could be revived thanks to some of his powers. Before I continue, it might be useful to know what witchers are. It are people, bounty hunters, who clean up the dirty work of paying customers and they aren't cheap. They hunt people, but also monsters, demons and other foul creatures from the depths of hell. The average witcher has superhuman powers at his disposal which he gets by drinking magic potions and eating special '˜pills' who grant him metamorphic powers. For instance, a witcher can see in the dark and has blinding reflexes which allows him to outsmart every monster he encounters.