The Witcher In-House Release Q&A

CD Projekt has updated their official website for The Witcher with a new in-house Q&A, in which managing director Michał Kiciński discusses the game's successful release and new content the team is working on. Good news, good news:
Q: The game's debut was quite a success. Nevertheless, many games disappear from the charts too quickly. Aren't you afraid that The Witcher will share their fate?

A: I think that The Witcher has also a number of concealed advantages, which might help its longevity on sales charts. First of all, the game grows on you: the longer you play the game, the more you like it :). And it seems that people like it so much, many gamers recommend it to their friends. So there is a great chance that the word-of-mouth will greatly support the popularity of our game. Moreover, we plan to care for our product; after all, it is our child :) Patch 1.1 (in two versions) has already been released and it won't be the last thing we do in terms of post-release support. We will do our best to improve our product many months after the release.

We are aware that The Witcher has some technical shortcomings. Unfortunately as a developer, our position and experience are not as strong as, for example, those of Blizzard, so that we could be postponing the release for so long, that we'd be 110% satisfied. Such attitude means perfection for us, and we will aim for this.

The good thing is that the situation is changing. We are earning experience. We can plan better now, better estimate the risk, and it will greatly help us in planning our next products, in order to have enough time for improvements. It may be not clearly visible in The Witcher, but we are completely fanatical about professionalism, as we set a very high bar for ourselves.

We will be very active in developing updates for The Witcher. The game will have very strong and long-lasting support from our team, which means that we will release patches as long as there will be nothing left to improve.

Going back to the question: we are planning to release a toolset and demo soon. And what is even more important is that along with a toolset, or soon after its release, we will provide players with new adventures, developed using the toolset. For now we are already working on one adventure that will be free for all registered users of the game. I think and hope that our post-release support will help The Witcher become even more popular for a longer period of time.