The Witcher Review

PC Zone UK is really impressed by The Witcher, giving CD Projekt's RPG an overall score of 8.8/10.
The game's structure is a series of chapters, with some quests spanning and evolving across a number of acts, and of course a fair number of side-quests that require you to go somewhere and slice up a specified number of monsters and bring back evidence of the massacre to secure a reward.

In this area, perhaps there is little that is startlingly original, but that doesn't detract from the essential fun of visiting new areas, slaying new monsters or meeting new characters.

Yes it can get repetitive going from one area of the city to another to complete a mission, but then so was Grand Theft Auto, and so was Oblivion, and as with these games the world of The Witcher is one you always feel a part of and that alone compels you to explore every corner.