GB Feature: NWN2: Mysteries of Westgate Interview

We had the opportunity to fire over a set of questions to Ossian Studios CEO Alan Miranda about the team's recently announced Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate premium module.
GB: What areas of Faerûn will we be exploring during Mysteries of Westgate? Are there any particular locations you can tell us more about?

Alan: The game takes place within the city of Westgate, although there is the rare time where you do step outside of it. Mysteries of Westgate is very much a city adventure, and if you had fun questing in Athkatla in BG2, then you should enjoy exploring the different districts in Westgate. We did our best to pack the city full of sidequests in addition to the main adventure you'll be on when following the core story the ratio is pretty much half and half.

Players will be able to explore the Harbor Loop (the scummy docks), the Market Triangle (the seat of mercantile power of Westgate), and the Arena District, which is home to temples and, of course, the Westgate gladiatorial arena, the Quivering Thumb. For players who love a gladiatorial challenge, they're sure to find one there. A fourth location exists beneath the city itself, called Undergate, which holds more dark mysteries. There is definitely plenty to see and do inside this city.

Two exclusive screenshots are also included.