The Witcher Available for Digital Download

Gamer's Gate now has the Witcher on offer exclusively for North American download, weighing in at 3.7 GB and €49.99. Gamesplanet is offering it for non-Americans, at £34.99.
Welcome to a world that knows no mercy none is received, and none is given. Only physical and mental agility can keep you alive, though they are by no means a guarantor of life. You play the role of Geralt an already legendary monster-slayer, but this, my friend, is not a gift and is certainly not given lightly. (The Witcher) is an immense computer game. Within its realm, you will have to assume the burden of choice. And this burden of choice, as light as it may appear, is the very thing that will both permit you to wield influence over the fate of the world, as well as get you slain prematurely.

Be assured, my friend, combat with all its attendant viciousness and brutality will not let you pass by, unchallenged. However, the path before you isn't simple; you are about to be entangled in an intense and intricate plot, which will constantly require instantaneous decisions on your part. Decision-making, therefore, is the real challenge here, so get ready to confront it. For, regardless of the choices you make, the path you choose to tread, and the infamous sang-froid of your character, it will all take its heavy toll on your moral conscience. You shall quickly discover that the difference between Good and Evil, provided it even exists, is as thin as the edge of a blade, if not more so. And it is you who ultimately decides what path Geralt, the White Wolf, shall walk.

The story of (The Witcher) is set in the realm of bestselling fantasy saga by the same title, conjured to life by Andrzej Sapkowski one of the most acclaimed Polish contemporary writers. It is into his unique world of pervasive magic, bitter conflict, and occasional dark humor, that you will be immersed. Bare in mind, however, that your voluntary entry into this world will most definitely not allow for any trace of compassion or leniency esteem and the right to live are hard to come by.
Coincidentally, they also offer NWN2 since yesterday.