The Witcher Preview

RPGVault has posted a short snippet of a preview they call a "pre-shipping view" themselves (isn't that what a preview is?).
The game seems appears to capture the distinctively moody nature of the protagonist and the flavor of the world he lives in, where very little is clearly good or evil. The story incorporates interesting moral decisions with choices that are neither right nor wrong, and with consequences that aren't always immediate. This should boost replayability, as should the character advancement scheme, which doesn't allow mastering everything. Combat is fairly fast-paced but not inaccessibly so, and the system is a bit different without feeling strange or imposing a tough learning curve. Quests are both plentiful and varied, and there are even optional mini-games. The art direction is of a high standard, and the visual quality is competitive, albeit not leading edge.

The underlying property is barely known in North America, and the title hasn't achieved the same level of visibility here that it has in Europe. Geralt isn't especially likable, which will probably appeal to some players while putting others off. The sexual element, although not explicit, may not be to everyone's taste. Some of the character models are used enough times to become somewhat repetitive.