NWN2: Mysteries of Westgate Interview, Part Two

WarCry has posted the second and final part of the Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate interview that IGN's Neverwinter Vault kicked off yesterday.
How many gameplay hours will the adventure pack offer and how linear will it be?

Luke Scull:
The adventure pack was initially planned to be between 6-12 hours in length, but it's grown somewhat from that estimate. A bare-bones core path play-through may be achievable in about 8 hours, but to complete most of the sidequests and explore the module thoroughly could take 15 hours or more. After that, players will want to play the game again with a different character, enjoying a completely different path through the story - and perhaps a different ending. So, to answer the question of how linear it is: it's about as non-linear as it can be while still delivering a top-drawer and well-paced story. We expect players to be replaying the game and discovering new things for months to come.

Alan Miranda: One of the things we did well on Daggerford, and that we wanted to replicate with Westgate, was to develop many intriguing sidequests for players to come across. Having approximately 7+ hours of optional, non-linear adventures goes a long way in making the world feel like a busy place.