The Witcher Preview

GameZone has previewed The Witcher and is pretty impressed overall.
The Witcher is a PC role-playing title from Atari and CD Projekt, based upon the writings of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. This is an adult-themed game, not only in the combat, but as Geralt, you will have the opportunity to bed winsome lasses you meet. This is a point driven home right at the beginning when dialogue choices allow you to bed Triss. There will be other women and Geralt can be a bit randy, if you play him that way.

Atari sent along preview code for the game and while there were a few bugs, including one that crashed the game in the middle of combat in a cave, chances are these will be out of the game when it releases.

This is a deep role-playing experience, but to understand the game, you need time and this game should give players plenty of reason to explore its depths.