BioShock Reviews

The reviews of BioShock continue to trickle onto the web, with two more appearing earlier today. The first is at Killer Betties, where they've given the game its lowest score yet - 3/5:
If the game was nothing more than an interactive story told with some beautiful graphics and amazing sound work, Bioshock would be an amazing accomplishment. However, the game has some actual gameplay underneath it too, which ultimately hurts the game immensely. The developers piled so many options and potential options into the game, that they failed to focus on the core, tainting everything that was attached to it. The fact that there is no death is also a huge problem, because it takes away the suspense, action, and ultimate satisfaction of a fight well fought and survived. Imagine your life and if you couldn't die sure, it would probably sound good for a while, but wouldn't you eventually tire of the nothingness of it all. The reason life is so cherished and prized as it is, is because eventually it will go away and extinguish. Without sadness you cannot truly know happiness, and without death you can never truly know what life is. Much is the same with Bioshock.

And the other is at The Escapist, where the hilarious commentator claims that the game has been dumbed down for "the console 'tards," your only choice in the game is to be "Mother Teresa or a baby eater," and that PC gamers should be "ready for a kick in the balls." If this particular review had an overall score, it probably wouldn't be very high either.