BioShock Reviews

Another pair of very enthusiastic BioShock reviews kick off the new week. The first is at ActionTrip with an overall score of 92/100:
In a nutshell, beyond any shadow of doubt, BioShock is an excellent single-player shooter experience. The undeniable quality of this title and its emphasis on true and not pseudo-mature storytelling and character development make it a must-have for every self-respecting gamer. On the other hand, the game is not without its faults, which, in all honesty, is true for just about every single thing on planet Earth (and possibly beyond).

And the other is at Video Game Talk with an overall score of 4.5/5:
Bioshock does something that video games rarely bother to do: Break new ground. A combination of endlessly creative combat, mixed with a captivating story make for an experience that I can promise you've never had in any other video game before. And the breathtaking picture and sound bring it all to life with an attention to detail that you rarely see. Simply put, you have to play this game. If you don't own a 360, buy one. If you do, you might as well have an Atari 2600 if you're not using that 360 to play Bioshock. This is a must-have not just in the sense that you have to own it, it's a must-have in the sense that it makes all the rest of your video games seem less necessary.