Neverwinter Nights 2 Q&A

NWN2 Worlds had the chance to fire over a set of patch-oriented Neverwinter Nights 2 questions to Obsidian Entertainment's Rob McGinnis, Rich Taylor, Nathaniel Chapman, and Kevin Saunders.
Q: How many people at OEI are currently working on NWN 2 patches/updates? Anyone from the original team?

A: Our programmers, Andy Woo, Josh Verrall and Programming Overlord Rich Taylor all are from the original NWN2 team and are working on the patches. We also have Special Guest Programmers from time to time, such as Anthony Davis and Brock Heinz, to work on specialized areas like the DM UI and Multi-Select.

On the production side, Nathaniel Chapman is heading up the production duties on the patches and was the Assistant Producer on NWN2. And, of course, our QA Department works on the patches, and all of them were on the original team so there's a significant number of experienced NWN2 vets working on the patches.