BioShock E3 Previews

A couple more E3 previews of Irrational Games' BioShock are now available for your viewing pleasure. The first is at WarCry:
In our demo, with the skill of a man whose played the same area a hundred times, he booby trapped the whole area before the bad guys rushed in to achieve maximum carnage. He was locked in an area as enemies slowly cut down a metal door, complete with a fiery line slowly creeping in an arc around the door case. This gave him time, so he used his cross bow to set trip wires for them to run through and even showed us how he could move the wires if his initial shot didn't please him. Then, through the next door, with the aid of special abilities, he set up three cyclones that when run through, shoot the enemy straight into the air. As if bashing a half crazed zombie man in a New Year's Eve outfit off the ceiling wasn't enough, he stuck some proximity mines on the ceiling directly above the cyclones.

And the other is at Crave:
Naturally, all is not well in the city of Rapture, which was founded as a utopian experiment for scientists and artists. Genetic manipulation led to the citizens developing super powers, and a civil war ensued, leaving a handful of psychotically deranged survivors, most of whom are not exactly rolling out the red carpet for you. Traveling through the city in a somewhat linear fashion, you must use wits, guns and some of Rapture's patented genetic power-ups to survive long enough to find a way back to the surface. Much violence ensues, but we liked that you can choose to attack head-on, set traps or even use you newfound powers to pit enemies against each other.