BioShock Preview

IGN is the latest website to whip up a hands-on preview of Irrational Games' BioShock, though this particular article is entirely geared toward the PC version.
For PC gamers, the knowledge that Irrational had put the 360 version of the game first came as a surprise. It's obvious that Irrational is not leaving their long time PC fans behind and not just for the DX10 support or Games for Windows branding. The interface has been given a complete overhaul from the 360 version to make it much friendlier in the space of PC games. Everything from weapon selection to the interface used to swap plasmids in and out has been changed and optimized for the keyboard and mouse set-up on the PC. "The PC version is further behind the Xbox version," said Levine. "but it's further behind because we have more time on it since we don't have to submit it to Microsoft so early." The changes we were shown during the demo were welcome considering the number of PC versions of games that don't get the proper attention. While not final, the interface worked very smoothly and we were more than happy with the functionality. Even little things like being able to select the gun using the number keys and ammunition type for that weapon by hitting the key again makes things quicker. We're also pleased to say that they added in an entire drop down menu for the weapons on top of that which allows mouse selection of weapon and ammunition. Those little touches are in more than one place.