BioShock Interview

FiringSquad has posted the results of a chat they had with Irrational Games' Ken Levine during a BioShock press event in April.
In addition to exploring Rapture, finding items and fighting off mutated humans, BioShock also puts you in the middle of a power struggle between the founder of Rapture Andrew Ryan and other members of the community. While Ryan is merely a voice on Rapture's radio, Levine hinted we might get to meed him eventually in the final game. "What kind of game developer would I be if if I didn't give you a chance to meet Ryan?," he told us. Levine said that not only do you learn more about Ryan in the game, he actually learns more about you. You also learn about the power struggle between Ryan and other characters like Atlas and Tenebaum. Levine told us that a sequence we played in the game where your character is forced into a moral debate between Atlas and Tenebaum is one of his favorite sequences in the game. "They are all opposed to each other. That's life to me. That's how the real world is."