Neverwinter Nights 2 Interview

Foreign website Le Cronache di Neverwinter Nights has published an interview with Obsidian Entertainment's Rob McGinnis about various Neverwinter Nights 2-related topics. Luckily, an English translation is available:
Q: NWN2 has exceeded your expectives? and where it seems to you it could have been done better? Maybe you've been done something in a different manner? Willl you improve the Artificial Intelligence?

A: There are two areas I think NWN2 has exceeded my expectations: First, even with the bugs and the steeper learning curve, I think the toolset is much more powerful. The things you can accomplish with it are truly amazing and I have seen some fantastic areas built by community members. The second thing that impresses me is how much Obsidian listens to the community. When we start talking about the next patch version, a large part of that conversation is about what the different communities want and need. We have even gone to the community to get their input on the DM Client and held a small online meeting with some of the community members to draft a short list of improvements.