Neverwinter Nights 2 v1.06 Final Patch Released

Obsidian Entertainment assistant producer Nathaniel Chapman stopped by the official Neverwinter Nights 2 forums to announce the availability of the game's final v1.06 patch. The full patch notes:
Neverwinter Nights 2 Version 1.06 Patch Notes


Custom Content

'¢ Several new UI customizability features. Among them, users can now set textures on UI objects via script, and users can set the state of progress bars via script.
'¢ Spells that have multiple casting modes can now be cast from items (i.e., protection from evil, meteor swarm).
'¢ Many new script functions have been added.
o SetGUIObjectTexture()
o UIObject_Misc_ExtractData()
o UIObject_OnRadial_DisplayCustomRadial()
o UIObject_Input_ActionTargetScript()
o GetInfiniteFlag()
o SetInfiniteFlag()
o GetKeyRequiredFeedbackMessage()
o SetKeyRequiredFeedbackMessage()
o GetPickpocketableFlag()
o SetPickpocketableFlag()
o GetTrapActive()
o SetWillSavingThrow() (Used for Doors and Placeables only)
o SetReflexSavingThrow() (Used for Doors and Placeables only)
o SetFortitudeSavingThrow() (Used for Doors and Placeables only)
o SetLockKeyRequired()
o SetLockKeyTag()
o SetLockLockDC()
o SetLockUnlockDC()
o SetLockLockable()
o SetHardness()
o GetHardness()
o GetAreaSize()
o SetUseableFlag()
o GetPlaceableLastClickedBy()
o SetGUIProgressBarPosition()
o IntToObject()
o ObjectToInt()
'¢ Placeables now have an OnClick event. This event will fire whenever a user clicks a placeable, regardless of whether the user can currently path to it.
'¢ EffectSetScale() can now be used to scale creatures non-uniformally along different axes.
'¢ SpeakOneLineConversation() now has a volume parameter that understands Whispers and Shouts.
'¢ GetAttribute() now takes a parameter called nBaseAttribute=FALSE. If made TRUE, then the value returned will be the creature's BASE attribute instead of total.
'¢ CreateItemOnObject() now has a 4th parameter that allows users to set the tag of the created item.
'¢ Undo and Redo now work for Terrain, Grass, and Water painting.
'¢ There are several new hot keys that alter Brush size and pressure in the toolset:
o [ Brush size down 1
o Shift + [ Brush outer size down 1
o ] Brush size up 1
o Shift + ] Brush outer size up 1
o - Pressure down 10%
o Shift + - Pressure down 25%
o = Pressure up 10%
o Shift + = Pressure up 25%
'¢ The Flatten tool has been modified to more gradually slope between its inner and outer height. Additionally, a Pressure setting has been added to the tool to determine how rapidly it applies the change, and the Inner value is now capped at 0 instead of 1.
'¢ A new Cliff_08 texture has been added.
'¢ Higher resolution normal maps have been added to the Cliff_04 and Cliff_05 textures.

Bug Fixes


'¢ (Greater Weapon Specialization (Light Hammer)) will no longer show up as (Greater Weapon Specialization (Flail))
'¢ The Dedicated Server will now load modules from directories as well as from .mod files. To load a module directory from the command line, use the following parameter:
'¢ Specular Lighting has been improved. Shiny objects should now look better than before.
'¢ Trees and Objects that fade no longer lose their directional light shadow when faded out.
'¢ ActionRest() will now properly utilize the bIgnoreNoRestFlag parameter.
'¢ EffectHeal() can now restore the HP of doors and placeables.
'¢ SetTrapActive() now works on Doors and Placeables as well as triggers.
'¢ SetOrientOnDialog() now functions properly.
'¢ ExportAllCharacters() and ExportSingleCharacters() will write to the server vault.


'¢ Bestow Curse now reduces all of the target's ability scores by 3 rather than 2.
'¢ Energy Drain no longer allows a saving throw.
'¢ The War Domain has been renamed to the Fury Domain, to allow future implementation of a more D&D-accurate War Domain.

Fixes from v1.06 Beta:

'¢ The Turn Undead ability will now function properly.
'¢ Druids, Rangers and Clerics w/ Animal Domain can properly select their animal companions.
'¢ The toolset will no longer throw an unhandled exception when bringing up the (Will Not Buy.) and (Will Not Sell.) dialogues on store properties.

2DA Changes

The following 2DA files have been changed in v1.06:
'¢ ambientmusic.2da
'¢ appearance.2da
'¢ crafting.2da
'¢ disease.2da
'¢ doortypes.2da
'¢ iprp_bonushp.2da
'¢ iprp_monsterhit.2da
'¢ soundset.2da
'¢ spells.2da
'¢ terrainmaterials.2daW
'¢ visualeffects.2da