BioShock Xbox 360 Theme and Gamerpics

2K Games' Elizabeth Tobey stopped by the official BioShock community website to announce that forum members can email her for access to an exclusive Xbox 360 theme and five gamerpics.
You may have seen the BioShock theme and gamerpics on the 360 Marketplace, but we have made a separate set available only to Cult of Rapture members. We will be giving these out to long-time forum members, frequent and valuable posters, and other members who really make the Rapture community the best place under the ocean (and the most amazing community on Earth).

These are free downloads off Xbox Live, and are a thank you to the Rapturians who have been with us, and diligent members of the Cult, since it launched back in January. I am the keeper of the codes: You cannot buy these. They are available only through me and off the Cult of Rapture site.

I hope you enjoy them and that they are a good token of thanks for all your hardwork and support.