Vampire: Bloodlines v3.6 Unofficial Patch Released

The community support for Troika Games' Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines continues with the release of an unofficial v3.6 patch for the RPG. The fixes:
- Added config and commands for multiplayer support, thanks to Exulx.
- Made Trip sell bat and tire iron from start and added basic patch.
- Restored lines of Andrei, Gary, Trip, Mercurio and for two endings.
- Made serial killer react to violence and Bertram react to attacks.
- Changed warehouse bonus xp to stealth and corrected magazine sizes.
- Raised condition for Jeanette encounter and removed connected bug.
- Made getting secret informations from Knox and Johansen consistent.
- Swapped passive durations and security items between Ox and haven.
- Delayed body armor until bloodhunt and repaired npctemplate* error.
- Moved flamethrower to last Society level and Ra blade near Andrei.
- Removed xp for Bruno and tutorial skipping and Empire clerk change.

- Fixed player shown alive at wrong endings and restored warform hop.
- Repaired Boris, Kerri, Mercurio, Heather and newscaster dialogues.
- Fixed lockpicking and pickup sounds and some NPCs not staying dead.
- Adjusted Heather's last clothes, more props and minor text issues.
- Repaired Blood Strike, Salvo and Purge working sometimes not right.
- Fixed two wrong auras in Santa Monica clinic and endgame taxi bug.
- Restored Desert Eagle ammo model and fixed other inventory details.
- Swapped several female hunters that were talking with male voices.
- Fixed Domination, replica katana and Empire hotel lockpicking bugs.
- Corrected conditions for Vandal, Trip and Mercurio during endgame.
- Replaced broken female fire axe texture, thanks to Offkorn and Doe.

Besides providing multiplayer support thanks to Exulx, this patch also includes a more basic version with the following features:

Extracting the vampire folder in BASIC over the regular vampire folder will revert some of the more controversial patch changes:

+ No bonus xp for freeing Ash from the Leopold Society, letting Julius go, leaving Zhao alive or getting Imalia's magazine.
+ No humanity changes with Copper, Imalia, Ash, Julius, Killer, Wong Ho, Hannah, Jeannette, Tourette and the charity money.
+ Books are available again from Trip (but the duplicates will stay in the other levels to ease the double usage exploit).
+ Occult items and blood are available again from Tseng (with Galdjum instead of Fae Charm because of the Isaac issue).
+ CD quest restored to Nosferatu and second Imalia quest removed.
+ Larry quest condition restored and Jeanette encounter removed.
+ All weapon names and firing stats restored to originals.
+ All three restored occult items removed from the game.
+ Ox gives money as reward and Venus her original cut.
+ Conditions for Christopher and Johansen restored.
+ No SWAT rifle and armor buyable from Mercurio.
+ No crossbows buyable from Slater and Tseng.

Compared to the bug-fixes-only patch made without permission and giving proper credit out of patch 3.3, the basic patch includes:

+ Most enemies will drop their weapons on death.
+ All illogical spawning and respawning is removed.
+ Some enemies and all cops will carry different weapons.
+ Many dialogue lines, models and encounters have been restored.

It appears the patch isn't actually uploaded to the web's more popular download sites yet, but you should be able to grab it from WorthPlaying or 3D Gamers soon.