The Witcher Blog Update

CD Projekt has added another entry to their blog for The Witcher on IGN, this time with project lead Jacek Brzezinski talking about how the game has evolved over the years.
As the year 2005 dawned on us, despite the fact that we definitely had a radically better idea of what type of game (The Witcher) was turning out to be, there were still a great deal of question marks on the conceptual drawing board among others the gameplay and mechanics of the game as a whole, as well as its individual parts. To this end, the team's design department grew considerably, with Maciek Szczesnik as our Lead Gameplay Designer. Largely thanks to these steps, we managed to materialise the RPG mechanics, the combat system (including the critical effects scheme), the rules governing the advancement of the played character, as well as the fundaments of the system responsible for making the cities look more lively and vibrant.