BioShock Interview

IGN AU had the opportunity to chat with Irrational Games' Jon Chey about the team's upcoming sci-fi FPS/RPG hybrid, BioShock.
Q: How structured is the narrative in the game? Is the story told along the same lines as System Shock 2 - with recovered diary entries and the like? Is there a solid three act structure?

A: Well, being a non-linear game experience, it's a bit hard to discuss the narrative of the game in conventional terms. Because it's a mix of linear experience (obviously there are certain plot points that are scripted out), optional exploration and play elements and branching dependent on the choices you make in the game. To a certain extent, the player can choose the amount of exposure they have to the narrative structure of the game. If you want to wander around and collect diaries left by the inhabitants of Rapture you can. And that will fill you in on what's been going on to a much greater extent than if you just stay on the straight and narrow (and possibly give you hints that let open up secret areas in the game too).