Dark Age of Camelot Roundtable Editorial

GamersInfo.net has written up an overview of a recent Dark Age of Camelot Roundtable event they attended, which offers a peek at what EA Mythic has planned for the MMORPG later this year.
What is coming in the rest of the year that had the players most excited, and made me think that it might just be time to return. They're currently working on a New Frontiers update that is going to revamp RvR in the game. In an effort to remove some of the frustrations and annoyances of RvR keep taking, they're removing ladders from all keeps and putting in ramps iinstead. Bridges, towers and keeps are all being redesigned with ramps rather than ladders, and will have climb points on them made more obvious, as well as more numerous, once the redesign. The prototypes are being looked at by the team leads, and soon the first redesigns will show up in the battlegrounds on Pendragon for testing.

They're also looking to help improve framerate and game performance overall in RvR by changing much of the technical "stuff" of how keeps are rendered. They're fixing line of site issues, improving pet pathing, normalizing the height and depth of keep walls, and generally spending time listening to team leads and players about what was most frustrating about keep taking in RvR.

Also in planning are entirely new mechanics. The plans include adding siege towers, shield walls that are portable objects you can build to provide cover, and the introduction of special goals beyond just keep taking that will encourage players to want to go into the frontiers and RvR. No specifics were able to be given at this roundtable as to what those new goals might be, but both DJ and James seemed excited about what is coming to the future of RvR.