Dark Age of Camelot: A Dragon's Revenge Site Launched

EA Mythic has launched a new website dedicated to their six-month "A Dragon's Revenge" story arc for Dark Age of Camelot. An overview:
Camelot Campaigns add dynamic new content to classic zones, revitalizing and updating early content in lands long forgotten. A Dragon's Revenge, Dark Age of Camelot's first six-month campaign, invites high-level players to explore new mysteries as the dragons spring into action, terrorizing their homeland. New content is added every two weeks, and best of all, there is no need to buy an expansion it's free! Though the main storyline and quests are geared toward the more experienced adventurer, there are many twists and turns that players of all levels can enjoy.

New lore, new quest content, new encounters, new trade skill recipes, new role-play items, new gear and art like you've never seen before await you!