The Witcher Preview

Eurogamer has put together a detailed preview of The Witcher, based on what they saw of the RPG during CD Projekt's recent press event.
It wouldn't be an RPG without stats and The Witcher has 250 special skills with which to influence and build Geralt to your own style of play. Character attributes (agility, endurance and such), magic and fighting skills are all modified with passive and active skills. Complete quests and you'll gain experience to spend on these skills.

Passive skills allow for permanent increases, so Crushing Blow gives Geralt a more brutal attack, or Stone Skin increases endurance. Active skills are under control of the player, allowing for more deadly attacks when called upon and distinguishing Geralt as the combat veteran he's meant to be, adding flair to confrontations. Interestingly, the player cannot max out all of his stats on the first play through of the game, which CD Projekt hopes - along with the branching narrative and three different endings - will lend replayability to the game.