The Witcher Interview

Sector Online Entertainment has conducted an interview with CD Projekt PR manager Lukasz Mach about their upcoming Aurora-powered RPG, The Witcher.
Q: Every RPG game is based on gaining experience and enhancing RPG attributes. How will this system work in Witcher? Is there any similar game, wich Witcher can be compared with?

A: The system in The Witcher is a complex character description, designed to allow unique character development path in a quite intuitive way. By accomplishing the tasks, your character gains experience, improves his skills, learns new combat techniques and magical Signs. We decided to give up the number and digit-based system. It will be very easy to notice without studying complicated tables and statistics, how Geralt becomes stronger and more skilled in fighting techniques and in magic. The system itself is tree based. Skills are grouped in branches. After earning enough exp. points that will allow to advance to the next level, player receives several Talent points that can be spent on new skills. There are three types of Talents and relatively three types of Skills: bronze (basic), silver (advanced), gold (elite). There will be almost 250 skills to gain, so there is a huge variety of possible options for advancing. Player will have lot of fun, creating his own individual witcher.