The Witcher Developer Blog Update

CD Projekt has added another entry to their blog on IGN, this time discussing the company's history and how it eventually lead to the development of The Witcher.
One day when we were in the sunny California we were invited for a presentation of new games for Interplay. Of course, there wasn't any information about Baldur's Gate 3, but we noticed a very pleasant game called Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. Although it was a simple hack & slash, it was great to play it. However, there was one snag. The game was available only on Playstation which wasn't very popular in Poland at the time. Being professional bores we started pestering Interplay with questions whether BG: DA would be available on PCs. We assured them that in such a case they could expect good license fees from Poland. In the evening during dinner when we raised the same question, somebody from Interplay said that there would be a version on PCs only if we made it ourselves. In spite of sparkling mood we remembered these words and after coming back to Poland we got down to carrying out the new plan straightaway.