The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine Review

The guys at Eurogamer have published a review of Bethesda's newly released Knights of the Nine content for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, giving the Xbox 360 version of the add-on an overall score of 8/10.
A large criticism of the original game was the lack of new content a player could encounter once they'd passed level twenty - a benchmark that's not even half of the total levels achievable. We, like others, have spent upwards of another twenty or more levels facing the same enemies and receiving the same loot from what felt like replicated quests. This new content is at its best when it differentiates itself from the slew of tasks already available throughout Oblivion. Rebuilding a holy order appeals to our Dan Brown side, and although your fellow Knights will spring up rather quickly and over zealously, it's nice to feel as though you have something of a supporting cast. You will, perhaps obviously, soon forget encounters with the levelled undead that pad out familiar ruins - much more memorable are the tests you'll face to earn new pieces of equipment. Why a concept plainly useful for prolonging content, like gathering unique armour sets that grant abilities or spells, wasn't used to great effect in the first place is beyond us.