Neverwinter Nights 2 Reviews

Three more online reviews for Obsidian Entertainment's newly released Neverwinter Nights sequel surfaced overnight. The first is at GameDaily with a perfect score of 5/5:
Neverwinter Nights 2 is one of the only games that will have to reach far to find enough material for an expansion that the original game didn't already cover. The presentation is all there, the gameplay is here in full head-on style, and there's even the plot and characters to go with what is sure to go down as one of the greatest role-playing games ever.

And the second is at 1Up with an overall score of 5/10 (yes, 50%):
That five-of-10 is actually a hedge, by the way. For D&D fans who want to play an amazingly thorough PC translation of the system they're carting around in book form, it's proba-bly closer an eight or nine. But if, like me, you want less "rules for rule's sake" and more depth and beauty to your simulated game worlds, you can certainly find more exciting prospects. Part of the reason we call them "the good old days" and think fondly of games past is that it's always easier to love what we don't have to play anymore.

I'm not sure that either of these scores is a good representation of the truth.

UPDATE: 1Up has since pulled their unfavorable review of Neverwinter Nights 2 and has promised to post a new one authored by a different editor next week. Integrity issue?