BioShock Interview

GameSpy has published a four-page interview with Irrational Games' Ken Levine about their upcoming sci-fi/horror RPG hybrid, BioShock.
Q: What mechanic will be used to tell the story?

A: There are numerous mechanics in this game. One is talking ear-to-ear with a radio device; then there are characters in the world that you see and can directly interact with, too. There are apparitions that you come across in the game which you begin to pick up on because you've been so genetically modified that you can now sense these spiritual energies. There are people's audio diaries, and everything in the world of BioShock has analog properties.

Because they split off from the world in the '40s, they split off with the most brilliant minds of the time, and so they developed all their technologies. So instead of writing letters, they developed an early form of email but that were in an entirely analog format which they would send through these pneumatic tubes. So you'll find lots of communications on these audio logs, and I think one of the best forms of communications in the world is actually the world itself as a character. It communicates its personality because the world still thinks it's this wonderful utopia and doesn't realize that it's been destroyed.