The Witcher Developer Blog #3

CD Projekt has added a third entry to their blog on IGN, this time discussing their presence at the recent Leipzig Games Convention.
Another day's work, another GC gone well. A plethora of people, a myriad of booths, and a hell of a lot of other sensations which doesn't really change the fact that sometimes we have no idea whether it's all worth the trouble. The whole Witcher crew basically had to sit tight at our own booth throughout the whole Games Convention, with the exception of the short Saturday break, which doesn't really count if you take into consideration the fact that a few hours is far from enough to visit all the stands. But being such a dedicated group of developers as we are, we stuck through it and fanatically bombarded all those passersby with all the information they needed to know about The Witcher. In the end, however, we're fortunate enough to have even made it to this year's GC, considering the copious amount of work we have left at the studio. Thankfully, all those game journalists in Leipzig were kind and talkative enough to keep us informed about what was going on. Some of them even got us a couple of T-shirts and other gadgets, which we otherwise wouldn't have been able to get our hands on, what with being chained to our stand and all.