The Witcher Developer Blog #1

CD Projekt has begun a blog on IGN where various members of The Witcher development team can share up-to-the-minute news about the RPG. The first two to stop by are communication specialist Lukas Mach and public relations representative Michal Balaszczuk:
Michal: Well, in essence, what we want to say is that we value solid information; no one likes to read articles full of crap and over-exaggerated information about games. We certainly don't. We sincerely believe in our game and are of the strong opinion that we don't need to (spice up) our product for it to sell. Credibility is our main concern when dealing with our readers and players. And we're sticking to it.

Lukas: One way or the other, such an approach seems to have reaped only benefits. (The Witcher) has so far won a sizeable amount of acclaim and prizes, among others Best PC RPG of E3 2006, awarded by none other than IGN itself . The game should get the credit for that, because it simply rules in every respect. Given time, we intend to get together a series of developer blogs, and hence present the whole team to you.

Michal: And since each and every one of these individuals has sooo much talkative potential hidden deep inside, good material is practically guaranteed. At the moment, we plan to sortie an article every two weeks.

However, coming back from that oh-so-constructive tangent, it's time we said something about the game itself. To fill in the blanks for anyone not yet briefed about the world of The Witcher (any such individuals still left out there? , The Witcher is a classic RPG, whose plot takes place in the fantasy realms created by Andrzej Sapkowski.