The Witcher Feature of the Week

CD Projekt's official The Witcher website has been updated with a new "Feature of the Week", this time providing us with some music from the game and another installment to the Q&A with Michal Madej.
Q: Since The Witcher is a monster slayer, perhaps you could share with us some information about the non-human enemies? I believe fans are counting on being able to face creatures so well described in Sapkowski's works.

A: And they will have a chance to meet a number of monsters The Witcher faced in the novel. Additionally we've decided to introduce a number of monsters suggested by a certain key introduced into the literary original. Monsters born as a result of Plane Conjunction abominations like ghouls, graveirs or vampires. Ones being result of gruesome curses and those led by the curses to leave their graves and avenge horrible crimes of the past. Add to that mutants and there you have it, quite a number. Various categories are characterized by certain common features, still they differ in combat style and tactics both used and required to defeat them. We have always wanted to make combat as interesting as possible, not just a mindless killing frenzy. That is again where we're trying to stick close to the books. While fighting Sthriga Geralt took advantage of his agility and strength, but also wisdom and general skill. He knew his enemy's strengths and weaknesses, typical behaviors. The very knowledge of monsters' behaviors, gradual getting to know it and the ability to use that knowledge will often play a prevailing role in the game. Take w vampire for example: you may of course kill it with a silver sword (though it might be quite tiresome a task), but why bother when you have garlic, a wooden stake and holy water these will allow players to make everything quick and painless. Each of the monsters may be fought by means of brutal force, but only clever use of knowledge and tactics will make the fight really easy.