The Witcher Feature of the Week

CD Projekt's official The Witcher website has been updated with a new "Feature of the Week", this time providing us with more concept art and another installment to the ongoing Q&A with Michal Madej. A snip from the Q&A:
Q: Another somewhat iconic feature of RPG genre is finding huge number of various items and equipment... What about it?

A: Here is where the issue reappeares. On the one hand, we're aiming at creating a classic-like RPG game, on the other, we wish it to be perfectly fitted for the contemporary gamers, and, what's even more important, to the realties of a realm created by Andrzej Sapkowski. That is why you can not expect to find a '˜+5 Slayer's Halberd' which, by the way, you'd be unable to use and have to carry to sell in a nearest town on a Drowner. Generally, a witcher should not be overloaded with equipment.He is a monster slayer, not a church-fair stall-keeper. There will be a limit of items to carry, additionally all of items in inventory will be visible. The Witcher's inventory is going to be reduced to his coat, two swords a medallion and perhaps a bag to carry potions. Players won't be able to pot anything really big inside the bag. Nonetheless, we're planning to give to the players a large numbers of interesting and useful items, so as to quench the thirst of all item-searching freaks. One of such large item groups are ingredients used to brew witcher potions. As I mentioned we've introduced a wide range of those. Some of them increase various reactions and characters speed, others allow nightvision. There will also be ones to be used directly on the opponent by breaking the vials on their heads or spilling onto the enemy. It is possible for the witcher to learn to brew them during the course of the game. Majority of ingredients come from herbs, plants and parts of slain monsters. With a certain skill, the protagonist will be able to retrieve and use them correctly. Some components will also be available at special stores. The unique ones will only be found in particular locations. Players will also have a chance to simply pick up some of the herbs. All these will give players loads of fun and things to do during gameplay.