Dark Age of Camelot Unaffected By EA Acquisition

Mythic Entertainment's Mark Jacobs stopped by the Camelot Herald to quell any fears that their acquisition by Electronic Arts would affect the future of Dark Age of Camelot.

It has been an exciting time at Mythic in the last few weeks, to say the least. But as you know saying the (least) is not my style, so I will say a little more:

1) It is business as usual here at Mythic. I have already commented on WAR, but let me say officially that there are no plans, implied plans or even, maybe if plans for DAoC going away. I can't say much more than what has already been said (we're announcing our expansion pack plans next month, the Roundtable is going on as scheduled), because I am still talking with EA about the business details and our future plans for Camelot.

2) The deal with EA was one that was carefully considered, and one that I am very proud of being able to present to our company. I've been around a long time and seen a lot of things in this industry, and I am confident that this deal was the right thing for Mythic, the employees, our investors and most importantly our Camelot players. As I have said many times in the last week, all the key guys I'm talking with at EA are long-time players (and fans) of DAOC!

3) Did I say (our players)? You bet. Mythic makes great games, but without great people to play them we would be just another game company or as I said many years ago, I'd be wearing a paper hat, name-tag and asking people "Would you like fries with that?"

There isn't anything else that can be said right now, unfortunately. I have always prided myself on being open with the community, so you can believe that as soon as there is more to know, you will know it. Right now what we know is that the future is bright. Thank you all for being part of our past, and our future.