Dungeons & Dragons Online State of the Game

GameSpy has whipped up their own three-page "State of the Game" article for Turbine's Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach. In it, they talk with community members about how the MMORPG has progressed since launch and offer a few details about the next three modules Turbine has planned for the game.
Module 2: The Twilight Forge
Set for release in July, the second content update will introduce yet another raid encounter to D&D Online -- this time, players will be up against a Warforged Titan. The quest line leading up to the encounter will be centered on the fabled Twilight Forge, an ancient artifact of incredible power. Perhaps more notable, however, is that the module will introduce a new playable race: the equally loved and reviled Drow Elves which, for better or worse, are sure to be a hit with a certain aspect of the player base. Finally, the update will add to the game's bestiary with a few iconic D&D beasties, including Mind Flayers, Ogre Magi, and Liches.

Module 3
Slated for August, this update will reportedly add a good number of story elements to the game, and will be more episodic in nature than the two modules preceding it. Specifically, Turbine told us that the entirety of the story chain won't be unleashed immediately; rather, the designers will develop it over time, so as to give it a good deal more scope. As far as specifics go, things are still hazy, but one thing has been promised: a raid encounter with a powerful vampire.

Module 4
There's no set date for this update, which is primed to be the largest the game has yet seen. With this update, Turbine will attempt to alleviate many of the player base's most acute concerns. Primarily, it will introduce some more meaningfully explorable areas to the game in order to give the world a feeling of greater breadth. It will also introduce some consensual PvP elements to the game, as well as an auction house, and a reputation (or "faction") system.