BioShock E3 Preview

GamersInfo has conjured up a detailed preview of BioShock, after seeing Irrational Games' sci-fi RPG firsthand at this yera's E3.
Everything was fine in Ryan's utopia, until a special breed of sea slug was discovered. This slug excreted what were basically super stem cells called (Adam.) The Adam was then refined into a usable for called (plasmids). Plasmids are mutable DNA that allow people to boost their natural attributes, making better scientists, better athletes, and better artists. Plasmids rapidly became the most valuable commodity and war broke out to control it. Unfortunately, in the conflict, the slugs are killed off, destroying the supply of plasmids. A new way of harvesting plasmids is found, but the source is disturbing to say the least: the dead.

The harvesters of this new source of plasmids are small children. They look disturbingly ill with pallid complexions and large eyes. They hide in small sealed tunnels until the need to harvest plasmids comes up. They carry a large syringe to extract the plasmids, which they then swallow and process internally. The demo shown had a young girl gathering the Adam, nicknamed a (Little Sister.) It may seem like sickly children are not the best choice to carry such a valuable commodity in a war torn city, and this would be true if it wasn't for the (Big Daddies.) Big Daddies are huge hulking things in old style diving suits. They are incredibly tough and incredibly powerful. As you wander through the city you will occasionally stumble across a Big Daddy as it is hunting through the ruins. Their focus is on protecting the children, so unless you attack them or get to close to the children they will ignore you completely.