Neverwinter Nights 2 E3 Preview, Day One

IGN's Neverwinter Vault has posted the first installment of their three-part preview of Neverwinter Nights 2, based on what they learned about the game between a visit to Obsidian's offices and this year's E3. A bit about the interface:
For casters there is now a "Quick Cast" menu, where hitting a single key brings up all the spells you can cast in the form of icons near the top of the screen. You then just pick one, which causes the menu to disappear and you then target what you want to cast it on. Coming back from NWN is the Quickbar system which will offer 12 rows of 12 slots to put whatever you want. The next new interface option, in the bottom right, is called the "Modal Menu" which allow actions like stealth, search mode, rapid shot, power attack, all depending on your situation. To the far left bottom corner is the Neverwinter Eye where you can access your character sheet, inventory, options, journal and more. Just above that is a smaller closed eye which triggers resting.

In the top left corner, will be the mini-map but it's changed quite a bit from the original game. It now shows you your field of vision as well as a more detailed view of your surrounding. This higher quality view also helps display additional info. For example, Josh confirmed that the tracking skill is still in the game and is tied into the mini-map, where it's now color-coded and will show you where the monsters are in your immediate area based on your skill level.

Six toolset videos complement the article too!