Bioshock Preview

The guys at Games Radar have posted a short two-page preview of Irrational Games' Bioshock, in which they even offer a few preliminary details about the sci-fi RPG's storyline. A snip:
A sadness permeates Rapture, and it's one the developer, Irrational, hopes will impact our involvement with the game. Survival is key, but how you accomplish this will be more a matter of ethics than grit. All who remain in Rapture are dependent upon Adam, the two factions still opposed and fighting to possess the little that remains. In one of very many striking images, Adam is retrieved from dead bodies via the Gatherers - or as we might recognize them, small children. Kill them, and you have a great deal of the valuable substance. But you've just killed a child.

The Gatherers aren't completely defenseless. Each is accompanied by a Protector - a vast, hulking armored being that exists solely to keep its companion alive. It's with both fear and remorse that you'll greet the sight of the hulking Protector gently holding hands with the tiny, innocent Gatherer.