Dark Age of Camelot Q&A

Voodoo Extreme has published a lengthy Q&A with several members of the Dark Age of Camelot development team, including producer Walt Yarbrough, content manager Yvonne Bridges, community relations director Sanya Weathers, and vice president Matt Firor. An excerpt:
Q: In the past Mythic has stated that there will never be a Dark Age of Camelot 2. Are you pleased with the current way the game looks and plays? Any crazy SWG style "revamps" planned?

Walt: What a multilayered question. I'd say yes, we're pleased with the game looks, because with every patch we've strived to update the look. It was very reassuring, at our most recent fan gathering, to have [Warhammer] employees ooh and aah over the look of the game. As for gameplay, we've made mistakes, but I believe it's the best RVR game on the market. And no, we're never going to change the core. If we did anything, it'd be a new server type.

Sanya: Right now we're not even doing that - we're focused on the class revamps and the fall expansion.

Yvonne: Yes, I'm pleased. Nothing that crazy is planned.

Matt: Yes to the first. No to the second. That's a leading question.