The Witcher Week, Day Five

For the fifth day of The Witcher Week, CD Projekt has published profiles for three of the team members currently working on the RPG - Maciej Miąsik, Karol Kowalczyk, and Maciej Szcześnik. A bit about Karol:
His adventure with RPGs began in the early childhood when he pestered his grandfather to tell him stories in which both of them would be heroes. Usually it turned out that the story told by the grandfather didn't really suit him so he would take over the reins of the story and continue it by himself. It usually ended up with the old man falling asleep.

Some time later he accidentally came across an RPG magazine called (Magia i Miecz). It seemed familiar, because earlier on he played a board game which bore the same title. After several months he knew all the works of Tolkien and Sapkowski. He also submitted his terrorized friends to the first sessions of Ad&D or Cyberpunk. He has played computer games since his childhood (in the age of five it ended up in an excitement fever). He started writing them in primary school on a good old computer Amstrad CPC. In high school he embarked on his adventure with RPG online text games (MUDs which constituted the prototype of MMORPG).