City of Villains Reviews

Cryptic Studios' City of Villains is the subject of two more online reviews, and they're both fairly positive. The first is at Computer Games Romania with an overall score of 83/100:
So if you're bored of playing the knight in shining armor and ridding the world of evil, City of Villains is just what the doctor ordered. And even though it's not as complex as other MMORPGs on the market, the Destiny's Manifest update (which should be launched this month) will resolve a lot of the drawbacks that the game now has. And face it, it's really fun being the bad guy for a change.

While the second is at with an overall score of 8.5/10:
I loved City of Villains, and the fact that if you already have City of Heroes, City of Villains doesn't cost anything extra is an added bonus. Since they haven't messed with the archetypes too much, I didn't have the same resentment towards COV that I did with COH. I had characters that were nerfed to kingdom come because they were unbalanced in PVP. The game is very fun, and since it's not a fantasy game, it's a pleasant change of pace from all the Everquests and World of Warcrafts out there. It does get repetitive but that can be avoided with a good group of friends to play with. The game is a hoot, and even more so if you didn't have City of Heroes for you to base it on.