The Witcher Feature of the Week

CD Projekt's official The Witcher website has been updated with a new "Feature of the Week", this time offering another fan Q&A with chief designer Michal Madej. A snip:
Q: You're saying that I won't be bored after completing the game, why? I understand that quests will change, but sooner or later we'll probably follow the same storyline, kill that one, go there, talk to someone. I'm not interested in empty declarations that the game won't be boring, I want a clear example.

A: First of all about half way through the game the storyline will fork into few completely different paths (important heroes die, battles end in other ways etc.). I think that players will want to see "what would happen if I did that in a differently". Second character development is constructed in a way that the player won't be able to learn every skills of the witcher. This should motivate everyone to play once more with different specialization. Third there are always side quests and secrets which probably you haven't discovered during the first time (you can for example pick up a fixed number of women which may be hard during the first time! ;).