Dungeons & Dragons Online Review

Game Revolution has tossed up their review of Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, giving the MMORPG a disappointing score of "C-". An excerpt:
There's no reason to simply kill monsters, because they don't yield money or experience. Only completed quests benefit your character and aside from the initial tutorial quests, the vast majority cannot be completed on your own. Until you find a group, there is nothing to do in this game.

Finding one can take a bit longer than you might think, in spite of the smart search tools, if you chose a Warforged as your race. Even though Warforged make the best tanks in the game, healing affects them half as much as it does other classes. Instead, Warforged must be repaired, and only mages and rogues can do that. So, if you're a Warforged and you can't find a group with a mage or a rogue, you can't play. Did we mention this game costs fifteen dollars a month?