The Witcher Feature of the Week

CD Projekt's official The Witcher website has been updated with a new "Feature of the Week", this time providing us with an image and short description for two pieces of equipment - a knife and a hook. A few details:
Life of the witcher isn't only about swinging a sword. When the battle ends and adrenaline drops down to a normal (in the witcher's case it's still high when comparing to normal human) level, you still have to prove to your employer that you really accomplished the task. Because those, that normally give you your tasks, aren't courageous type of people and don't follow you to the place of battle, the witcher has to options.

The first one, simpler, is about bringing one of the limbs of a killed monster, for that he has to use his trusty knife.

The second one, when you have to bring the whole body as a proof, then you have to use your physical force. That's why the witcher always carries a hook, just in case.