Neverwinter Nights 2 Chat Logs

Warcry is offering up two separate chat logs for last night's Neverwinter Nights 2 IRC chat with several of the game's developers. The first log is from the "official" chat:
Q: Will the Radial menu system be kept? Will we be able to assign/hotkey something to a custom radial, IE 1 to all your 1st level spells?

DarrenM: Yep, we're going to have the new radial menu. We have some new UI bits too that make casting spells really quick with our QuickSpell interface.

DarrenM: Also, the layout of our radial menus are defined in XML, so a modder can change the look and position of the controls.

While the second log reveals what was discussed after the "official" chat was over:
Q: Are you allowed to comment on the armor situation, and whether it will be piecemeal, like NWN, or full suits this time around?

DarrenM:: Armor in NWN2 is different, it's a collection of a bunch of pieces.

DarrenM:: We have helmet, cloak and boot slots for example.