Dungeon Siege II Review

GamersWanted has tossed up a review of Dungeon Siege II, giving GameSpy's "RPG of the Year" an overall score of 9.6/10. Here's why:
Overall I was greatly impressed by Gas Powered Games and the entirety of Dungeon Siege 2. I would recommend fans of Action-Adventure games, Adventure-RPGs, and straight RPGs would fully get their money's worth in purchasing Dungeon Siege 2. Any gamers who normally shy from RPGs could very well burst onto the RPG scene by picking this game up and trying it out for a few hours. I have put an inordinate amount of time into playing Dungeon Siege 2 and have only found one serious complaint; unfortunately Gas Powered Games did not make the levels randomized at all. This leads to knowing the way to secrets and exits in other difficulties as well as when you attempt to complete the game with another character. I feel randomizing the levels at least for each new difficulty would have given Dungeon Siege 2 the extra edge it needed to become one of the truly great games of our time. Besides this small drawback I nearly suffered from lack of sleep because of the enjoyment this game gave me with all of its complexity and simplicity.