The Witcher Interview

TotalVideoGames has conducted an interview with CD Projekt's Michal Madej and Joanna Kobylecka, in which they ask five pages of questions about the upcoming Aurora-powered RPG, The Witcher. Check it out:
Q: You have in the past made reference to the many unique concepts at work within The Witcher, perhaps you could elaborate on some of these for us?

A: The whole gameplay concentrates around the main character and his witcher abilities for example his ability to see in the dark, his inhuman reflexes and the fact that he is totally immune to poison. In addition, he has a whole set of special abilities, he is a master sword fighter, he can use simple magic spells and he has knowledge of alchemy. These elements create a unique combination none of them alone will guarantee success; the player must learn how to use them together effectively. For example, the hero will prepare elixirs which for normal people are deadly poisons but which allow him to make full use of his combat and magical abilities. This is how his knowledge of alchemy is linked with his inhuman resistance and his witcher training.

That's just one example of the uniqueness of the main character. These features imply many differences in relation to other games. It is also important to say that during the whole design process we wanted to get away from standard gamplay solutions. For example, why do all RPG's and point & clicks have static combat? It seems that there's no other way to do it through mouse control. But it's just a question of making small changes to the main principles of the combat system and, as you can see in our trailers, combat in an RPG controlled by point & click can also be dynamic and visually attractive as well as remaining very easy to use.