Dungeon Siege II Review

The Entertainment Depot has tossed up a review of Dungeon Siege II, giving the action RPG sequel an overall score of 8/10. Their conclusion:
It's difficult to try and stand in the shoes of a giant such as Diablo 2, but Dungeon Siege 2 makes a respectable go at it and manages to produce a rather entertaining game in the process. Combat is every bit as simplistic as anything you'd expect from the genre, and while the early stages are a tad mind-numbing, matters become much more interesting as things progress. The graphical presentation is as complete as you could hope for, with the 3D engine doing as great a job as you've ever seen in the genre, as the spectacular sights provide you with incentive to explore the game's many expansive lands. The addition of numerous party members and an extremely comprehensive journal system help to round out what could already be seen as a pretty complete package, with only some spotty party AI standing in the way. With an extremely lengthy series of quests and a robust combination of action and RPG-lite features, Dungeon Siege 2 is a great modern alternative to Blizzard's venerable powerhouse.