Dungeon Siege II Reviews

Yet another handful of reviews for Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege sequel have reached the web. The first is at The Wargamer with no overall score:
There hasn't been a really, really good action/RPG in the same vein as Diablo II in a long while. Dungeon Siege II easily fills this void with its great presentation, party control, character advancement and quest progression. Although the game is hindered by some bad character design, camera issues, generally easy gameplay and a lackluster selection of items, it's still a great romp, as well as a great sequel.

The second is at 1Up with an overall score of 7.0/10:
The gigantic area maps employ the generic basics of the genre (jungles, deserts, snowy mountains, etc.), but still make for fun exploration thanks to the detailed, multilevel terrain and all sorts of secret areas hidden away in the nooks and crannies. Players who enjoy the peculiar pleasure of watching automaps fill in will have much to keep them busy. On the other hand, the interface is boxy and clunky; many in-game windows, like character panels and inventory screens, are small, cluttered, and hard to read. After 40 hours, I still couldn't remember which armor slot was for hands and which was for feet.

And the third is at PALGN with an overall score of 7.5/10:
When it comes down to it, Dungeon Siege 2 is a very decent game. It won't stand up in terms of depth or total enthralling value, but it does provide a rock-solid game that both aficionados and RPG-newbies can find some pleasure. Some of the new additions go a little way to improving this game but it still doesn't stand up, depth-wise. Multiplayer is cool for a while but with other more exciting offerings available, it won't hold your attention for months on end. It may not be the best but Dungeon Siege 2 is one of those games that make for a decent filler, until something better comes along.